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I started working with Brandon back in February after I had a nasty back injury that had me stuck on the couch for weeks. I reached out to him letting him know what happened and he promptly got me in for an assessment. He was very attentive, super thorough and answered all of my questions and concerns in a way that helped me to understand how and why exactly my injury occurred. Brandon then formed a plan to get me back to feeling like myself again. Physical therapy can be a difficult and timely process, but I am so glad I went all in on trusting him to help me heal! I cannot thank him enough. I highly recommend Brandon when it comes to your own physical therapy journey. Movement is medicine!



Came to Brandon for bilateral knee pain (runner's knee) after a year of trying different things: no running, physical therapy (through insurance), pilates, injections, etc. Brandon was quick to assess and explain what was going on and what I needed to work on- better than any doctor ever did. His plan for me was a rehab/strengthening hybrid that focused not only on building muscle, but learning how to relieve stress on my knees through mobility work! We met once a week and he assigned workouts for the week through an app that made me accountable for completing them. It's the most consistent I've ever been with working out. Not only have I gotten stronger overall, but my knee pain is much improved- I'd say (hopefully) almost completely gone after 3 months of working with Brandon. He is very personable, great at explaining things, and flexible with providing the type of coaching you need (I'll be traveling for a month soon). Highly recommend!



Pascual is a true master of his craft. I was looking for a physical therapist who could help me with my fractured patella, and I’m so glad I found him. From the get-go the exercises were carefully thought out, with precise assistance from Pascual. The training schedule was also cutting edge with the assistance of an app, where my at home exercises were curated and monitored by him. All in all, by far the best experience I’ve ever had with a physical therapist. Would give 6 stars if I could.



When I first came to see Brandon I was suffering from an acute and very painful lower back injury. By the second visit I had already felt a great deal of relief since Brandon was able to identify the problem immediately and the exercises he prescribed worked very efficiently to alleviate my pain. I would highly recommend using his services since he's not only very knowledgeable but he really cares about his clients success and well-being.



I went to an evaluation with Brandon for back pain. This led to realizing I hadn’t any body awareness when doing my workouts.
We started working in my overall flexibility, especially in my ankles and hips. Also, I started working on my core strength, which I didn’t have.

We meet once a week and I also do 2 more workouts on my own for the rest of the week. My program is constantly updating as time passes, focusing on my main goals but also treating anything that comes up along the way.

I really recommend working out with Brandon because he is truly interested in figuring out the workouts that you need, he takes the time to explain them and scale the movements when is needed.



I reached out to Brandon, because of chronic shoulder pain that I had been experiencing for several months without resolve. I found him to be easy to talk to and could tell he genuinely cared about my situation.

He conducted an in depth interview and assessment where he identified the root cause of why I was experiencing the pain and in addition to the in person sessions, gave me additional exercises I could perform on my own to expedite recovery. I loved that he also explained why we were doing the exercises and the root cause of my pain.

In my short time since working with Brandon my pain is almost completely gone after months of no relief. So grateful that I got the opportunity to work with him.

How will physical therapy help you?

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