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1:1 Coaching 

We offer personalized one-on-one, hour long coaching sessions in fitness, nutrition, and injury prevention to help you reach your goals!


Tailored workouts, expert guidance, motivation, accountability, and support for achieving fitness goals.


Dietary guidance for optimal health, energy, performance, weight loss, and enhancing overall well-being.

Online Programming

Personalized training and nutrition guidance remotely, so you can stay on track away from the gym.



B.S. Kinesiology, CPT, CNC, SFC 


Meet Sierra

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach 

Meet Sierra Gonzales, your trusted partner in fitness and nutrition at Project Performance Physical Therapy. With expertise as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Sierra crafts personalized fitness plans that optimize strength and vitality. Passionate about injury prevention, she empowers clients to surpass limitations and excel in their fitness journey. Sierra's holistic approach ensures clients not only achieve their goals but also safeguard against setbacks, fostering resilience and longevity. Join Sierra on the path to total well-being, where every session is a step towards a stronger, healthier you.


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